Aly (konfusionwithk) wrote,


My whole life is a pattern and if I could lift a boulder I'd throw it at these boundaries...

Will I ever be ok?
Will I make it through?
& even if somehow I do
Will I even want to stay?
Breezes smack me in the face
as the clouds conceal the sun
Stranded, I dream in the dark
Of a day when I can run
I've read in books that dreams come true
but I refuse to simply wait
With every second I'll find a cue
Not to become a slave to fate
I won't let tomorrow grasp my hand
& drag me down the street
Each day won't be another demand
I'm required to meet
In my life I'll take the lead
& even when I lose, I'll learn
to my desires I will heed
It's finally my turn.
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