Aly (konfusionwithk) wrote,

shivering salutations

I wish I could just wear confidence on my face. Why does makeup only apply to physical appearance? I wish that with the light stroke of a brush, I could paint pride on my face. I'm talking about the kind of pride that I'd feel burning through my cheeks; I don't want the pride that shows up in pictures that don't portray true emotions. Anyone can fake a smile. Physical blemishes can hide behind the barricades of concealer and photoshop.

If technology or cosmetics could conceal my inner phantoms, I could walk the world a less weary woman; a woman without worries.

People fear growing old and some even get surgery to render the signs of aging invisible. For them, smooth skin absent wrinkles makes them happier. Me, I fear growing old and wearing the wrong lines on my face. I don't want my skin to crumple into a collection of lines that developed from constant worrying. Skin creases with age and experience and I don't want anxiety to extinguish my opportunity to experience the world.

Photoshop can't fix this; nor can surgery or makeup, and even if they could,they'd really just create temporary solutions. Wash off the makeup, the skin remains. Imperfections make people unique. I want to embrace my unique attributes instead of hiding them. My personality should not have to hibernate because this season, some people don't like it.
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