Aly (konfusionwithk) wrote,

The Moral of the Story

When I was young, I was told many stories. This isn't the part that surprises me. Most children love hearing stories, being equipped with wild imaginations and interminable curiosity. Most children also faced expectations of memorizing morals of those stories, whether they were fiction, fantasies, or just plain fabrications printed on a page for the purpose of forcing advice into young children.

I really took this habit with me, too. It still hibernates in my everyday life. Whenever anything happens in life, no matter how monotonous, I meticulously monitor the scenario and try to find the moral; the solution.

That's why I don't understand when tragic stories, non-fiction at that-- seep into our lives, no one seems mesmerized-- no one remembers to mull around for the moral.

I can even mash this sadly missed moral into 3 words-- complete with alliteration.

Drugs=Dangerous--> Death.

Call it a moral, call it an equation; it equals an unlearned lesson here.

No, they don't learn, they run back to the disaster and let it drown them to the point where they can never submerge the same.
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