Aly (konfusionwithk) wrote,


I remember in high school I always heard adults tell me that I'd never keep in contact with any of the friends I made there. I remember walking through the halls thinking about that advice and once it really got to my head, once I realized how much truth the adults' statements contained, many people became blurred to me, almost as if I didn't want to see them if in a few years we'd hardly remember each other. I still do speak to some people from high school though, & I'm grateful for that...

I never heard the same warning when it came to college. My parents always told me that they still remained close with their college friends; that college was where they met some of their best friends. They created friendships that lasted a lifetime. I have albums full of pictures from college, memories that I could spread out for miles. I can look at any one of those pictures and remember a particular night as if it just happened. I never look at the pictures though and I never talk to the people in them. I thought being forgotten by people I called my best friends would hurt more than this, but it's surprisingly numbing, almost like I skipped the wound and went straight to icing it to make it heal as fast as possible. My dad used to always tell me to label my pictures, to put captions on them for when I forgot the names of the people surrounded by the frames. I always laughed and told him I'd never forget their names; the idea seemed impossible to me. Now it's not so humorous; it's the truth...the cold, numb truth... and if they don't care then neither do I. :)
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