Aly (konfusionwithk) wrote,

To Do

I was going to write a TO DO list, but I realized that it would likely be longer than the finished products... Of course I would overachieve at writing a TO DO list... ;)

I know this stress is going to come at this time of year, I should be used to it, yet every time it still feels like a shock.

I hope I can do it... I don't want to let anyone or anything ruin it.
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Just consider that there is likely no reason why you CANT do it. You have been through stress before and crazy amounts of work before. I dont know what else is on your plate, but have you not gone trough things at least equally as stressful, draining, and/or difficult before? If you beat it then and pushed through with success before, why would anything be different now?

Seeing as its the end of the semester, I am assuming that most of your stress is coming from school. I hardcore feel you there! I have been up way to late and waking way too early and there still seems liek an endless to do list that is always waiting for me. As we speak I am supposed to be writing a final paper thats 50 percent of my grade and its not even the hardest thing I have to do, but I know that I have been through this before, so I am just taking it one step at a time. One thing of the list at a time. They add up quicker then they seem like they should.

I keep telling myself that I will do them and I will work hard to get them done and I try to remember other times when I worked so hard. I have been thinking a lot about the end of last semester. I was stressed to the high heavens and had way to much work to do, but I told myself that it had to get done, so I pulled a couple of all nighters, pushed through a couple of weekends, and made out getting everything done on time and done right. I am sure you can think of many other times when you were in a similar boat. Just remember you did it then, so why not now!
Awww Steve, thanks!!!
I remember when you used to stress about finals too and even when I helped you study, (lol) and everything always wound up turning out ok... I know you'll do great on that paper and whatever else you have.

& I hope you're right about me lol